Results are important. Here are a few recent examples which illustrate the kind of work and the kind of results our firm has obtained and continues to obtain for our clients:

  1. Helped to secure over $18 million in DOT funding (BUILD grant) for Charleston to build a bike/pedestrian bridge to reduce traffic congestion and to enhance safety. 
  2. On behalf of a client coalition, successfully worked to enact legislation which changed bankruptcy laws for small and medium sized businesses which encouraged restructuring rather than foreclosures, thereby saving jobs and family businesses.
  3. Successfully worked to secure the continuity of a Consent Decree which protects consumers in their dealings with insurers as it relates to auto collision repairs.
  4. Successfully worked to enact legislation to provide grants to states and local governments to enhance participation in DEA-compliant drug take back programs.
  5. Successfully worked to gain full South Carolina delegation support for a Department of Justice grant designed to provide a variety of assistance to those who suffered as a result of the Mother Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, South Carolina, slaying. 
  6. Worked to ensure continued Federal funding for research and development for a safe, effective AIDS vaccine.
  7. For over 20 years, have provided advice and counsel on a daily basis to a variety of clients concerning Senate parliamentary procedure, the Senate floor amendment process, and the formulation of legislative strategy for bills which reach the Senate floor.
  8. Successfully worked to enact bipartisan legislation which revised a tax credit to incentivize clean coal technologies (carbon capture and sequestration.)
  9. Successfully worked to obtain a $10 million Federal stimulus TIGER grant for a major drainage/community safety project.
  10. Successfully worked to obtain over $10 million in Federal FEMA grants and other funding (through WRDA)  for flood mitigation efforts in Charleston, SC.
  11. Obtained an interpretation of a regulation from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration relating to the transportation of regulated waste which saved the client millions in potential transportation costs, but at the same time, did not compromise safety.
  12. Successfully advocated on behalf of a broad group of hunting and fishing groups, conservationists, and the tourism industry, working with the Wyoming Republican Congressional delegation, to place a moratorium on new energy leases in a specified area within the Wyoming Range.
  13. Successfully obtained $5 million from the Department of Energy to remediate a Cold War era uranium-contaminated site on tribal lands.
  14. Successfully worked to achieve increased funding for a Department of Justice program which encourages law enforcement/community partnerships reduce crime in high crime areas.